Progress Update: Countertops and Lighting

It’s been another long stretch with no kitchen updates, but that’s because for most of the end of August and September we were waiting for things.

Literally, everything was resting on our countertops. Being the thrifty people we are, we didn’t want to have to sell our souls to get 20 ft of quartz counters. Being the ingenious person he is, Ryan came up with a great idea: quartz on one wall, wood on another wall. I couldn’t exactly picture the transition from quartz to wood, but I just went with it! By this stage, I totally trusted Ryan’s sense of design and craftsmanship.

Ryan started looking for quotes for a wood countertop and most places quoted around $1,000 for an unfinished 9ft maple counter. On a whim, Ryan reached out to Windhorse Woods at Windhorse Farms in Wentzell’s Lake, and they actually came back with the best price. I was so surprised by this since it’s a small woodshop that uses sustainably harvested wood, so I expected it to be outside of our price range. So,  Ryan placed an order and during the long weekend in September we made the trek to Wentzell’s Lake.

Windhorse Farms

This is a 10ft counter in a 6ft long truck. It felt a little bit risky so we ended up taking the scenic route home, which added about another hour to our journey.

We’ve stayed at the cabins at Windhorse Farms twice over the years for New Years’ Eve, so I was really happy that we were able to get our counter from here as well. So many great memories! It’s so nice to bring meaningful pieces into our home in that way.

Before we left, we go to know the rooster.

After bringing the wood counter home, we still had to wait another week or so for our quartz counter to be delivered. The way Ryan designed the transition from one counter to the other was so that the wood counter would appear to be resting on top of the quartz. That meant we had to wait for the quartz to arrive before we could put the wood counter in place.

It was pretty much a miracle that another customer had to cancel their installation, so our counter was delivered on a few days earlier than we expected. The photo above is the pic I excitedly took as soon as the installation guys left the house. We chose a white counter with a little bit of blue/grey marbling, it really worked out well and definitely picks up the colour in the lower cabinets.

Next came installing and finishing the wood.

The other reason I haven’t posted in a while is that as you can see from the photos above, the house has been TOTAL chaos for the past month. We’re sort of half-using our kitchen because we have a working fridge and a few days after this photo was taken, we got PLUMBING! No more bathtub dishes!


Here’s what it looked like last weekend (sidenote: no, our range hood is not blue! that’s just the protective plastic). We finally took up the contractor paper and cleaned up the floors, we got running water and electrical hooked up, and Ryan created this beautiful wrap on the beam. We thought about staining it darker, but staining can go so wrong sometimes and we both actually really love the lighter wood. We’re thinking about adding darker open shelving next to the sink for a bit of contrast.

I know I complain a lot about how long this whole process has taken, but there’s really something special about not rushing through the whole thing. I feel like all of our decisions have been really intentional and I have very few regrets about our design choices. I’ve also learned SO MUCH about interior design and I feel a lot more confident making design choices.

Okay, so we finally moved the stove back in (thanks for helping, Matt!) and I was so excited to roast veggies for dinner and then maybe make cookies tonight and *sigh*, it’s just not the time you guys.


We’re SO CLOSE but we still have some varnishing and painting to do. When Ryan got home from work today he covered the stove in a dropcloth so he could add another coat of varnish to the beam above.  Sadly, there’s gonna be no cookies for a few more days.

Our goal for the long weekend is to finish painting and trim, and prep the space for installing open shelving between the beam and the sink. Later this week we have a couple tile installers visiting to quote on installing subway tile, which will be the final big job!

From there it will be hanging artwork, making a few IKEA trips and getting organized!

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