Kitchen Inspiration

Now that we have an empty room, let’s talk about what we’re planning on doing with it.

Kitchen design is no joke, you guys. When we first moved in last summer we planned on starting the kitchen after a few months and doing an IKEA kitchen ourselves. For many reasons, I got cold feet and we decided to wait a while before tackling such a big project.

My biggest thing was that you only get 1 shot with a kitchen. If you frig something up, well, tough cookies. I wanted to be SURE this kitchen was what I wanted and that we had explored lots of options.

After months of measuring rooms and trying to come up with a workable floor plan, we decided to hire Hen House to do the floor plan and cabinet layout. Best. Decision. Ever. It’s a complex and small space – which makes it difficult to include all the necessities of a modern kitchen. My biggest anxiety was that the cabinets would never feel “right” and we’d forget something major if we designed it ourselves.

In terms of aesthetic: well, we spent a lot of time on Pinterest the last several months.

Here’s a look at some inspiration for our own kitchen:

Rustic KitchenPhoto via Homes and Antiques

What I love: I love this rustic looking eat-in kitchen with a few modern touches. I’m definitely into a slightly more “lived-in” kind of look. I love the worn-in floors paired with the exposed brick. Really hoping our exposed brick chimney works out!

What I’d change: The ultra-modern, all-white, no-hardware look to these cabinets is not my style. Lots of people seem to assume that because I’m a designer, I have super-modern taste for home design. Not at all! Most of the finishes we picked out are fairly traditional.


Small Dining Table

Couldn’t find the source for this photo!

What I love: Our dining area will be a smaller space than what we had before and I love this romantic table set-up. I’m also a big fan of the pendant light above the table.

What I’d change: Painted wood floors make me so sad. Unless the wood is really damaged or stained underneath, I find painted wood floors can kind of “flatten” a space. This room has a little bit too much of a “White Cube” vibe.


Navy and White KitchenPhoto from Apartment Therapy

What I love: The dark blue base cabinets and white upper cabinets are my favourite. We’ll be doing a fairly similar colour scheme in our kitchen, but with a whiter countertop and brass hardware. This kitchen does a great job of bringing in natural element like wood and greenery! I’m also a big fan of white subway tile and I nearly caused World War III a few weeks ago when Ryan suggested that we skip the tile. 🙈 IT MAKES THE ROOM, WITHOUT IT, IT JUST LOOKS UNFINISHED. It’s okay, we can laugh about it now.

What I’d change: I really like the island in this room but the stools are too matchy-matchy. I’m sad we won’t have an island in our new kitchen, we used to have some bright yellow stools that looked great next to an island. Alas, they’ve found a better home!


Quirky CabinetsPhoto from The Kitchen

What I love:  We don’t have many upper cabinets in the new kitchen, but we are going to be doing a few doors with glass inserts, which really helps break up the wall. I like how these glass doors seem to highlight the sink. Also, how about that teeny-tiny cupboard? I would totally use that as my secret place to hide snacks from Ryan.

What I’d change: I’ve been seeing a lot of marble on home design blogs because it is SO trendy right now. I mean, I agree, it’s really pretty. But I also feel like in 5 years I will hate it. Also, countertops are super-expensive. So you might as well get something timeless.


Navy and GoldPhoto via Brittany Makes

What I love: The colour scheme. This is actually pretty close to the colours we chose, but our cabinets are a little lighter. Sidebar: how do you feel about a rug in the kitchen. Personally, I’m into it. Ryan, not so much. I’m working on the sell. That faucet! Here’s a similar one that I might order.

What I’d change: The hardware on these doors is a bit bling-y. Like, the drawer pulls are humongous. We’ve picked something a little less Mr. T.


Blue and whitePhoto via Home Brunch

What I love: The blue cabinets in this photo are a bit closer to the shade we’ll be using – a little less navy. The light fixture in this photo is amazing, but we don’t really have the space to do any dramatic lighting.

What I’d change: The DARK GROUT. Another major veto of mine is dark grout. It makes everything look so busy and it’s so difficult to get it just right so it doesn’t look crooked.


So as you can see, I have a few particularities when it comes to design.

Luckily, we’ve got almost everything picked out and ordered. All that’s left is a faucet and some accent lighting. I should also mention that I’m flexible on pretty much everything (except subway tile, lol). I’m sure there will be plenty of surprises and compromises along the way!

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