Goodbye, Kitchen!

As the title of this post indicates: our kitchen demo was a success!

We spent the weekend clearing out the cabinets and getting all the furniture out of the living and dining room. Our entire downstairs is now completely empty, which means we’ll have a pretty blank canvas to work from.

We’re staying at a friend’s place while we’re having some asbestos abatement done, but we’ll be back in our house by the end of the week and using our makeshift-upstairs-kitchen for cooking.

Tearing down the kitchen was kind of surreal, something about taking a sledgehammer to your kitchen cabinets just feels really wrong.

Let’s check out some photos:

For a small space, it was not easy work! The cabinets had been glued-over and painted-over so many times over the years that they weren’t coming down without a bit of a fight.

Luckily, Ryan was prepared to wield the sledgehammer while I hovered behind him collecting debris and sweeping up dust like an over-zealous hair salon assistant.

These cabinets definitely weren’t bought in a store! Tearing them apart was a bit of an excavation: so many layers of scrap wood nailed together.

Note the layers below the countertop!

Underneath the countertop we found… beautiful hardwood flooring? This was a head scratcher, but you gotta admit, whoever built these was resourceful.

Something I was SUPER excited for was the “buried treasure” aspect of tearing up an old house. We found this newspaper from July 24, 1946 on top of the sub-floor after removing the cabinets.
Check out these illustrations:

And these classified ads were too much:

Lots of people wanted to hire an energetic, reliable man in the old days!

We also found this old bottle of lime juice cocktail. I’m going to clean up this bottle and keep it. I feel like it’s one of those goofy keepsakes I just can’t toss out.

Beneath the tile backsplash we found some awesome old-school wallpaper. I LOVE IT.

And here’s the end product of our kitchen demo (for now!). Ryan tore up the old vinyl floor to see what was underneath and… IT’S WOOD! But it looks like softwood, and not hardwood like the rest of the main floor. So now the debate is: do we replace the kitchen with new hardwood to match the look of the rest of the house or do we embrace the difference and create a cool transition between the different rooms. I’m leaning towards the latter, crazy as it might seem, but I have some ideas up my sleeve.

And here’s our kitchen pile as of last night! AHHH! Welcome to the point of no return.

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